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CrossFit is the centerpiece of group training at Immersion Fitness. Our coaches will teach you all of the foundational movements, from Olympic weightlifting and barbell cycling to gymnastics and plyometrics. Each class includes a thorough warm-up, opportunities to develop bodyweight skills and strength, and a main workout. Every movement is appropriately tailored to each person’s individual needs, goals, and abilities. If you are looking to get stronger and more powerful, this is the class for you.

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Circuit Training

Circuit is Immersion’s high-intensity interval, functional training class. In this coach-led workout, you’ll perform a series of exercises in rotation with minimal rest between sets. We’ll focus on specific muscle groups every day of the week and keep the cycles changing monthly, so you’ll stay motivated and ready to put in work!

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Bootcamp is an engine improving, endurance-based group class. You can expect small group sizes lead by a coach who will lead you through a combination of free weights, bodyweight exercises, and cardio movements for longer workout durations. Burn serious calories, kick-start your metabolism and improve your aerobic capacity.

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